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No offence, ideas of reference.
human nature, the need for resolve.
If the saying or the song sits somehow within the ring of the bell's toll, then peace, easing alongside the tone.
A song from the universal spirit.

Reality perceived each new and entirely relative and relevant only to the (t) human dreamer(s).
The need to scream, the need to breathe, to wonder, investigate,
to 'do' versus the tremendous (often too often) urge 'not to do'.
The need for a hug.

Little boats passing at the lock, at the key.
Calling out, stopping for a brew and a chat.
Cyclists on the path, loving the burn, watching the world spin by,
loving the respite from smoke, and distracted 'back to school', drivers.
Aware of the glue's and brew heads gathered around the bench.

Stay cool, pump harder, exit ahead.

by Karen J Worth 2014