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The Victim

It takes a different kinda strength, when you go to the length of helping the stranger who suffered the danger

When the man with a knife threatened her life, and
only hers to give ...
He took like it was his and he did time in prison

But he's soon to be free
Again starts the fear
The memories and pain
Flood back again

I see in her eyes
To me no surprise
Because I've seen it before
The sadness and fear
The tearless tear
That falls from her eyes
So empty and black
She feels the attack
Again and again
It's real, this pain

But the man with the knife
Who threatened her life
His pain is over
But I hope he never recovers
And feels the shame
Of the horror he left
And dies in pain
With his last breath

But back to the victim
A child herself, I look in her eyes
But see nothing left, only despair
Not long ago there was laughter there

She has a child, a boy of three
I smile at him but he hides in fear
Copies his mum because that's what she did
When the man with the knife left, she hid.

She has a tiny dog that shakes in fear
Begins to shake more as I begin to near
I kneel down with soft voice
Pick him up so he has no choice
He tenses up maybe I've failed
But he feels the trust and wags his tail

Wish it was so easy and I'd try the same
But it'll take more than that to ease her pain
I look back into the soulless eyes
And a feeling wells up,

I despise This coward, this thief that caused the pain
And hatred in me manifests again
So I hope she will begin to start
To live again like the girl she was
Because to read her eyes
Broke my heart.


Conrad Jack – Dec 2015