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Conrad Jack

Born in 1963, I grew up in Scotland in a happy but poor household with little or no knowledge of what I wanted to be.

After leaving school I went from dead end job to another, met the woman of my dreams when I was 19 and married her when I was 21.

I soon decided I needed a career so aged 23 I signed up to join the army. Initially for 6 years but when the 6 year point came , loved it and had already made the rank of Sergeant so decided I'd get out when I stopped enjoying it. I left as a Warrant officer having spent time fighting terrorism in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

I left the army after 24 years in 2011 and started working with an electronics firm, a good job but received a phone call from the army asking if I'd kindly put on my uniform for another year and complete Cat 3 training over a 5 month period before deploying back to Afghanistan for the second time for 7 months.

It was a brilliant time in my life but spent long periods feeling deeply alone, I filled my 'alone times' with writing, unfortunately kept no record as it was mostly very emotive, depressive type writing I didn't want my wife to see, it really brought home the horrors I'd seen and was yet to see.

I now find myself still fighting terrorism and crime and meet victims of crime on a regular basis. 'The Victim' was one such meeting that broke me and forced my mind back to the time I was abused as a child. An issue I've yet to resolve, saying that, it's resolved in my head but he needs to feel the full force of the law, he will, when I find the courage.