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Welcome Aboard the Jolly Rocker

The Jolly Rocker has been afloat (in a manner of speaking) in one form or another since 2000. Unfortunately since then lego have seen fit to rip off the name without any consideration contact or apology. So this is the ORIGINAL Jolly Rocker and please accept no imitations!

The idea behind the Jolly Rocker is as a kind of online diorama that can be used as a forum to showcase my own work and the work of other people, who perhaps are either unable to get their own online profile together as a showcase for their work, or would like to expand their internet presence. Bear in mind, that the Jolly Rocker predates Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation or any of these other online social media showcase places that have made it a lot easier now for people to create their own profiles.

Having a profile on the Jolly Rocker is completely free, and our exhibitors maintain ownership over all their work and any monies that they may be able to generate from any work they have displayed here, is entirely their own affair. This site is very much a labour of love for me.


If you would like to join the crew of the Jolly Rocker and have some of your work exhibited here, would like to add your own weblinks to the Ports of Call section or just contribute some feedback or have an idea for another section, as I said, no charge for this and all are welcome.


Inclusion on the Jolly Rocker is by invitation only.